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Carolina Eagles

Carolina Eagles hockey organization provides a competitive environment of the highest quality for both youth and junior ice hockey players.  The program focuses on the long-term growth and development of each player and promoting their love for the game.  

    Tryout Dates Announced for Carolina Junior Hurricanes 

    Dates, Fees and Registration links:


    Tier I AAA - 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 16U May 3-5

    Tier I AAA - 15U - Apr 30, May 1, May 4

    AAA Tryout  Fees -  $135, $150 after April 26th

    Tier II Boys AA/A - May 18-19

    AA/A Tryout Fees - $135, $150 after May 10th

    Girls 10U and 12U - June  1

    Girls Tryout Fees - $75, $100 after  May 25 for 10U/12U Girls

    Girls 14U/16U/19U - May 11

    Girls Tryout Fees - $75, $100 after  May 4 for 14U/16U/19U Girls






    Junior Hurricanes Program Fees

    Junior Hurricanes Program Fees
    Division Fee
    Pee Wee Minor AAA 4596
    Pee Wee Major AAA 4675
    Bantam Minor AAA 5465
    Bantam Major AAA 5465
    15U Midget Minor AAA 5965
    16U Midget Major AAA 5965
    Squirt AA Minor 3435
    Squirt AA Major 3535
    Pee Wee AA Minor 3795
    Pee Wee AA Major 3795
    Bantam AA Minor 3665
    Bantam AA Major 4165
    Bantam AA Mix 3665
    15U Midget Minor AA 4175
    16U Midget Major AA 4225
    18U Midget Minor AA 4235
    18U Midget Major AA 4255
    8U 615
    Squirt A Minor 2845
    Squirt A Major 2845
    Squirt A Mix 2845
    Pee Wee A Minor 3445
    Pee Wee A Mix 3445
    Bantam A Minor 3295
    Bantam A Major 3295
    Bantam A Mix 3295
    16U Midget Minor A 3375
    18U Midget Major A 3475
    10U Girls AA 835
    10U Girls Select 2370
    12U Girls AA 835
    12U Girls A 2525
    12U Girls Select 2370
    14U Girls AA 3205
    14U Girls A 2935
    16U Girls AA 3265
    16U Girls A 2935
    19U Girls AA 2935

    Please see the Powerpoint if you'd like the 2019-2020 Program presentation file.  If you'd like the full meeting which has audio and video splices together, that is also available.  


    Spring Clinics are Open! Register now!

    Find the full list and info HERE

    PW AA Major wins CHL! Click image for article.

    U16 A Wins Championship in OT, in Tampa! Click image for article

    BTA Service Project. Click the image to go to the article

    PW AA Major wins in Clearwater, FL! Click the image to go to the news article

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    Squirt A Eagles win the cup in Hershey! Click pic to go to the article

    PW AA Minor takes Chicago Invitational banner!

    You might find some familiar faces in this NBC Olympics WRAL TVcommercial for the Leith Cars website  (Here's a hint, Bantam A)

    Interview videos from OneHockey's Labor Day Raleigh Tournament

    We have some short videos here, of interviews from what is likely to be an annual tournament in the future. It was a great weekend full of very good competition, mascots, lots of laughs and fun.  Below is the first video, and it will autoplay through several others. Enjoy!  

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