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2018-2019 Season

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Carolina Eagles hockey organization provides a competitive environment of the highest quality for both youth and junior ice hockey players.  The program focuses on the long-term growth and development of each player and promoting their love for the game.  



The Carolina Eagles Premier Hockey School is designed for the serious player who is looking to find out how good he or she can become.   The school is designed to help players to improve and continue development of their individual skills, positional play, and a game situational understanding, through a controlled teaching environment.  Hockey Skill development involves two distinct ingredients; first a staff that understands the technical nature of each skill and how to teach that to younger players.  Our staff will have over 70 years of combined coaching and hockey teaching experience.  Second, muscle memory training through repetition, doing each drill correctly every time.  Teaching players to understand the nuances of the game and situational recognition, is taught both on and off the ice with a 7 to 1 student to teacher ratio.  Off ice they will be taught, in a class room setting, positional play in all three zones, offensive attack, transition, breakouts, and defense responsibilities.  Those lessons will be reinforced on the ice during controlled scrimmages and team drills, i.e. teaching both sides of 1 v 1, 3 v 2, 2 v 1, etc.

Each day will consist of 5 hours of training.  Days will be broken down to 1 hour of on ice skill work, 1 hour of on ice team drills, 1 hour of class room, 1 hour of on ice, controlled teaching scrimmage or small games, and 1 hour of off-ice training.  That is 25 hours of training in a week’s time, or 3 months of practice time during the season, all in one week.  That is how muscle memory training kicks in.

Hockey School is an important ingredient in a player’s development, due to the student to teacher ratio, and the ability of our coaches, to work on the parts of an individual’s game that coaches do not have time to work on during the season due to limited practice time.  It helps a player develop the most important part of their game, skills and hockey IQ.

Players will be given game jerseys, can bring a sandwich and drink for class room (recommended), they must bring a water bottle to be used for on and off ice, and a pair of shorts and running shoes for off-ice work (they can wear under their equipment.)

Registration is on the Eagles Web Site at 



AGES:   BIRTH YEARS 2009-2006   TIME 7:30am Registration – 1:30pm Pick up

BIRTH YEARS 2005-2002   TIME 9:50am Registration – 3:45pm pick up

COST:      $565.00($595 for 2 payments option). Multiple Players same family discount is

$50 for each additional family member.

We look forward to working with you this summer

Eagles Staff

    U16 AA Eagles finish a great season taking 3rd place at Nationals

    Carolina Eagles U16 AA team finished 3rd at 2018 National Championship

    Congrats to our U16AA Youth team for taking 3rd at the USA Hockey tier 2 2018 Nationals this past weekend. They had a great run and shocked many when they took out the #1 seed in the Quarter Finals. These boys and coaches worked very hard this entire season to put themselves in the spotlight. They truly Soared.


    Eagles For A Day Flyer

    2nd Annual Eagles for a Day!

    Squirt AA win 7-6 in OT to take the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League u10 diamond division today. Tied it up in the last minutes of the game to take banner soon after. #carolinaeaglessoar

    You might find some familiar faces in this NBC Olympics WRAL TVcommercial for the Leith Cars website  (Here's a hint, Bantam A)

    Interview videos from OneHockey's Labor Day Raleigh Tournament

    We have some short videos here, of interviews from what is likely to be an annual tournament in the future. It was a great weekend full of very good competition, mascots, lots of laughs and fun.  Below is the first video, and it will autoplay through several others. Enjoy!  

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